Rio Carnival Theme

A Rio Carnival Theme can put the sizzle and fun into any type of event. Eventologists will guide you to take the Carnival Streets of Rio De Janeiro to any indoor or outdoor venue.

Colour is your best friend when it comes to a Rio Carnival Event. Your whole space will be brightened up with bright décor elements splashed around the room. We can create a perfect entrance into the main dinner with a colourful feather walkway with Brazilian and Samba Dancers to entertain your guests and usher them into the room.

Once in the room, your guests will be dazzled by coloured tablecloths and chair covers, feather table centres and a bright pink dancefloor. They can dance the night away with our Brazilian Samba Dancers in their colourful costumes. Capoeira and Fire performers can provide additional entertainment after dinner, when your guests get ready to get their groove on.