When things go bump in the night – it can only be a Halloween Themed Event!

As the night draws in and outside becomes eerily quiet – we know it’s time to talk about October and Halloween Themed Events.

Halloween Corporate Parties in October have become very popular for their fun and immersive nature. Our Event designers and stylists have been pulling out all the stops to make your Halloween Party as creepy and scary as possible!

Below are just some themes for your Halloween Party that will never fail to create a perfect spine-chilling experience for your guests. Combining the latest special effects by our talented trained performers, we can make your Halloween event as scary or as fun as you require.

A Ghost or Ghoul Theme: Everybody loves dressing up as a ghost or ghoul. It’s an easy and inclusive theme! Décor around the room can be so haunted that you think its real! with room dressed as a grave yard! Our event managers will transform the venue with everything from cobwebs to coffins and gravestones, spiders and hanging ghosts. Fire performers will light up the dark, our angle grinder act will shower you in sparks and ghosts will appear and disappear to send chills up your spine!

Movie Halloween Party: Transform your room into your favourite horror movie with décor and characters from The Scream, Child’s Play, Frankenstein, Witches and Friday the13th – just to name a few. The venue can be dressed with old movie posters and memorabilia as well as black draping, cobwebs, bats, spiders, Toxic waste symbols and a mad scientist lab as the bar area! Include a dose of Vampire’s blood cocktails served by vampire entertainers who appear from the haunted house stage backdrop!   Our stunning lighting techniques will add to the atmosphere and haunting music from the films will transport you to your worst nightmare!

Dead Hollywood Theme: Bring your famous dead celebrity back to life for a night. A twist to the glam and glitter of a Hollywood Party, this theme could still be glamourous but dark. Guests could dress up as their dead famous person in black with the room dressed with black sparkly draping, hanging Hollywood Stars, Black and white movies playing, hanging skulls with celebrity names or even a graveyard of the dead!  And finally our Hollywood living statues will leave you with that feeling that you’re being watched.

Dark Circus: Roll up for the creepiest show in town! With clowns and scary circus characters of all shapes and sizes. The good, the bad, the ugly…and the evil. The Dark Circus theme can be dark, scary and immersive! Black ceiling draping with festoon lights. Freaky clown posters dotted around the room. Scary Clowns juggling and creating commotion during drinks reception with even a horror ringmaster to create that perfect twisted circus themed event! 

Simply Halloween: A classic Halloween themed event with skeleton props, coffins, graveyard backdrops, spooky tree props with cobwebs, spiders and lots of pumpkin table centres dotted around! Its fun, light-hearted and can be as dark or as fun as you want it! Add Halloween interactive games such as Apple bobbing, Hangman and sweet treats such as candy floss, caramel apples, and punch. Our Halloween entertainers will meet and greet your guests as they arrive and perform a themed show that is truly surprising and creepy!