Transforming Venues: Making the same look different each year

Using the same venue year on year and need to surprise guests? Ever wondered how you can make the same venue look different over and over again?

There’s nothing wrong with the familiar. There are so many reasons to book the same venue year on year: great service, good food, accessible location, ample rooms, better rates, and so on! However for your guests, the same venue can start to feel bland and they may start to second guess what to expect at the next event. Not great when you want them to feel invigorated, excited and ensure that this year’s conference is a game changer!

Whilst a new venue search is an option, it’s not always feasible, while trying to relay the company’s key strategic message and juggle the extra work that the new boss keeps piling on.

So what is the solution to a completely awe-inspiring conference at the same venue? At Eventologists, we know it’s about delivering newness every time, no matter what location you’re in. We can make the same venue look completely different every time. Here are some ideas:

  1. Room Configuration: If changing the room isn’t an option, then how about changing the floorplan and room layout? Consider theatre style seating if you had cabaret last time.
  2. Change the Stage Set: Wow your guests with a new stage and backdrop which changes from the day to the evening. Work with your AV Company or creative agency to shake up the status quo.
  3. Do Cool Stuff at Lunch: Venues like Hilton Birmingham Metropole now offer so many more options such as street food to make lunch fun and interactive with finger licking good food!
  4. Have Interactive Sessions: Add sessions for your guests to engage with that they would not ordinarily get to do. It will definitely bring people together and be a talking point afterwards.
  5. Transform the Venue from Day to Evening: If you’ve never had a themed event, maybe it’s time to dip your toes. Trust us, it will be a party that your guests will remember and look forward to. If a theme seems a bit too risky, but you don’t want the event to feel too corporate – experiment with colour, add unusual table centres, and include unique props like funky bars and furniture! The less rigid and corporate the event feels, the more relaxed your guests will be.
  6. Change up the Entertainment: Add entertainers that add ambience in the room and create great picture moments. If you had a DJ last year, what about a band this year? Think about the time of year – can you keep it corporate but take influence from the time of year? For example, can you add an enchanted touch in autumn and keep it fresh during spring?

As we all enter an era of complex marketing and sales with social media, unusual venue openings and a plethora of ways of communicating, customers are shopping around each year looking for newness.

Venues who want to retain existing businesses really need to inspire them with ideas of how to bring their event alive in their space, rather than focusing on selling the features of their rooms. Of course it’s important to show the more practical elements of a room, but seeing the larger picture of how to bring an event to life is fast-becoming what venues are focusing on to convert new sales and maintain existing customers. Knowledge of how to transform a room, or having partners who can help them think out of the box is an essential sales skill for customer retention.

If you’re a conference organiser, transforming spaces and venues is much easier than a venue search and starting the process all over again. Working with creative partners who can help you get 5 star guest feedback is the panacea that every conference planning and event agency strives for.

Maybe just thinking about the same differently could be the answer! Speak to one of our Event Experts to find out more.