Willy Wonka Theme

But a golden ticket and transport you and your guests to a world of pure imagination….

You won’t believe the spectacle before your eyes, the colour, scenery, lighting and table decorations: Living, breathing unusual events are our trademark, come with us to our world, inside the amazing, most famous Chocolate factory in the world!

From giant sweet props and delicious chocolate fountains to singing Oompa Loompa entertainers, miniature ice-creams and swirly tree table centres, giant mushrooms filled with sweets, giant lollipops, Candy cane, Wonka bars and entrances, multi-colored draping – you will be immersed in a whole Wonka world that leaves you feeling like you’re back to your childhood. As the lighting effects enhance the theming in the venue, guests will be filled with awe and wonder by the many visual treats that surround them. Magical sights, sweet smells and fun sounds recreate your childhood dreams.