Wild West Theme

Get ready for the ultimate adventure – A Wild West themed party. Grab your partners for a dozy-doh; take 2 fingers of red-eye in the OK Corral or a ride into town on the Wagon Train. It’s all here for you. The grit and excitement of the Wild West complete with Hay Bales, Wagon Wheels, Stage Coaches and Dancing Girls. We’ll even ensure the tablecloths are hessian and center-pieces tumbleweed! Watch out for Buffalo Bill, he’s known for unexpectedly dropping in and as a reminder, make sure you’ve got that fistful of Dollars to make your evening go with a bank!

We have a great range of props for a Cowboy Party or Wild West theme such as wagons, Giant Cowboy Guns, horses, sheriff’s badges, saloon doors, giant cacti, moonshine machines, totem poles and so much more. If you are thinking of hosting a Western themed party, look no further.