New York Theme

Welcome to the Big Apple themed event! New York, New York – the home of Broadway, big lights, Central Park and that iconic yellow cab!

From performers to office people, fashion icons to Hollywood superstars, people from all walks of life love New York – the city that never sleeps. We will bring New York at your venue by recreating the looks, sounds and tone of one of the most vibrant cities in the world. A Statue of liberty greets guests as they walk into the drinks reception, a yellow cab makes a great photo opportunity whilst guests mingle! As they enter the main room the band is playing iconic New York themed tracks on a Brooklyn Bridge themed stage. We will dress the walls stunning backdrops of the New York skyline, the room can be tree-lined to create a Central Park chill out area! During the evening, our entertainment specialists will have put a showcase on for guests with a mini rendition of a Broadway show! As guests party on they can visit the many street stalls when they feel puckish to munch on hot dogs, pop corn and a variety of naughty treats. With this level of detail, you’ll really your New York party will be truly a one of a kind.