Festival Theme

This time of year is when organisations are planning conference season for spring summer for the following year. Well, when the sun finally comes out, it triggers some really exiting conference theming ideas and conference concepts that go beyond the usual light up centre pieces and glamorous gala dinners – it also heralds the start of exciting themes which are influenced by the festival season. Outdoor themed events, summer fetes, festival themed events, garden themed events, enchanted woodland, fantasy forest – the themes go wild! Innovation, experiential and truly immersive is the only way to describe the corporate event themes. Across the country as people grab their tents and wellies for weekends full of fun in the sun, the Eventologists creative teams create festival themes indoors and brings the colour, vibrancy and fun of the best festivals in the country – maybe a glastonbury themed event or an exit festival themed event, a carnival themed event – you don’t need to traipse through the mud at our events, battle though the crowds or worry about personal hygiene food and overused loos – you can enjoy the vibe in your very own way! A mini-fest for a corporate event where you get all of the good and none of the bad. 

What do our indoor outdoor festival themed event look like?

Your event could could welcome guests through an amazing festival entrance, entertainers could provide wristbands for your guests and lead them through to the drinks reception where guests could take a seat on our palette style seating and get their face painted in by festival face painters. Pick up food from our festival themed food huts and enjoy selection of live acts and festival themed entertainers to make you feel like Glastonbury has come to you.

Popular prop hire for festival themes include

Festival entrances

Giant festival letters

Wristband entrance

Food huts

Festival themed seating

Fairground games stalls

Festival face painter

Fire performers

Crate furniture

Colourful bunting

 And lots more

You cant go wrong with an outdoor themed event in Spring and summer – It makes for an ideal theme for a corporate event – casual, immersive, inclusive and so much fun! Take a look at some of the exiting images from a recent festival themed event!