Alice in Wonderland Theme

Looking for Alice in Wonderland Christmas themed Party?

We bring you Alice in Winterland!

Alice is 150 years old and yet still Alice in Wonderland themed events are just so nostalgic and popular but we bring you a quirky alternative for your themed Christmas party. Our creative stylists will create a world steeped in magical and non-sensical – a world which only at the bottom of a rabbit hole – let us take you through a wintry rabbit hole to a world of white winter wonderland.
We will create a wonderland that recreates the Mad Hatter’s table drenched with snow and topsy turvy things. Oversized toadstools and white enchanted trees with the rabbit and smiling Cheshire Cat peaking their heads through. Be prepared for delights and surprise with Alice in Wonderland characters mingling with guests from the Queen of Hearts to stilt walking Alice to the mad hatter – snow clad to bring a whimsical twist to the story!
Guests can be greeted by stilt walking Alice Entertainers who then lead guests to dinner. At dinner, tables are dressed in crisp white tablecloths and frosted table centres, along with ice white chair covers. The room is lit in blue with mood finish off the winter themed event.