Get your Glam on at a Hollywood Themed Event!

Welcome to Hollywood – where dreams are made into reality! A Hollywood Themed Party is the ultimate way of making your guests feel like stars for a night.

You guests will make a grand Hollywood-style entrance as they walk onto the Red Carpet, where the Paparazzi are ready and waiting to snap their pictures.

As your guests take their seats at dinner, they’ll be amazed by all the Hollywood figures and props around the room. With Hollywood Silhouette Light Up Boxes, Film Posters and Large Film Cameras, the dazzle and glam of Hollywood can be brought to life at your chosen venue.

Your guests can be entertained during dinner with a Pianist or Violinist to create the Hollywood atmosphere, with tables designed accordingly. Choose from 80’s or 90’s Hollywood Character Table Centres, Oscars’ Table Centres or Tall Disco Ball Table centres – anything is possible.

When dinner is finished, the DJ will start to set the scene with some Hollywood Classics, and the Broadway Dancers will arrive on stage. With a Starlit Dance Floor your guests can dance the night away in style.

Your Hollywood Props and Décor may include:

  • Hollywood Backdrop
  • Giant Film Cameras
  • Hollywood Light Boxes
  • Giant Oscars
  • Hollywood Sign
  • Red Carpet
  • Hollywood Themed Table Centres
  • Giant Directors Chair
  • Giant Clapper Boards

Your Hollywood Entertainment may include:

  • Broadway Dancers
  • Paparazzi
  • Magician
  • Contortionist
  • Pianist/Violinist
  • DJ

Speak to one of our Event Stylists to help you plan your next starlit, glamorous Hollywood themed event.